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VL Turbo photoshopped into The Fast & The Furious scene. White VL Commodore wagon at the ET Street meet. Blue over silver VL with plates SHEJET. Blue over silver VL Turbo at Docklands. White VL Commodore ripping a burnout. ENVMCH Holden VL Grey-purple over silver Holden VL. ENVMCH Holden with airbrushed bonnet. Red over Silver VL Commodore at the first meet point. White VL Commodore smoking it up when leaving. Blue VL Commodore in Docklands. Front rim on a Blue over Silver VL. MIS5VL silver Commodore at the Docklands meet point. Mint condition Blue over Silver VL Commodore with bonnet mounted gauges. Red over Silver VL Commodore with P Plates. A selection of Holdens at Docklands. QIKENF White over Silver VL Commodore. Commodore photoshoot at Docklands. PLZB18 Red VL Turbo. Yellow VLT at Docklands

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