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Tag: geelong

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Black VE SV6 with track stripes doing a burnout. Commodore in Geelong Grey Statesman in Geelong. An array of boats in the water at Geelong. C3 Corvette at Geelong next to the ocean. Intersection in Geelong. Blue Corvette in parking lot. Side shot of a Corvette next to the ocean. Geelong roads side mirror shot. White VL Commodore smoking it up when leaving. Rear quarter of a Blue Corvette next to the ocean. Geelong car park next to the water. Geelong wood train. Side shot of a Blue 'Vette. Boats on the water in Geelong. Market Square building in Geelong. Orange CV8 Monaro leaves behind a trail of smoke. R32 Skyline Burnout: The beginning... Commonwealth Bank in Geelong. Grey Statesman leaving the Geelong meet point.

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