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Tag: commodore

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Black VE SV6 with track stripes doing a burnout. Commodore in Geelong TRIXTR airbagged purple Commodore at Docklands. Silver Commodore at Docklands. White Commodore smoking it up on exit. ENVMCH Holden VL Purple Commodore with the rear-end dumped. Dark blue Calais with stock rims all round. Side view of Purple Commodore on airbags. P Plater Commodore leaving the Docklands meet point. Going sideways: Black VE SV6 smokes it up. Red over Silver VL Commodore at the first meet point. TRIXTR: Purple Commodore slammed on the ground. Blue VL Commodore in Docklands. Black SV6 starting to flick its rear end. MIS5VL silver Commodore at the Docklands meet point. Red P Plate Commodore at Docklands. Mint condition Blue over Silver VL Commodore with bonnet mounted gauges. Red over Silver VL Commodore with P Plates. WNTDVT black Commodore at Docklands.

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