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Tag: docklands

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Cars leaving to start the ET Street cruise. A selection of Holdens at Docklands. Showing off under the bonnet of the Red R32. Orange CV8 Monaro at Docklands Dave and Dixie on a mission. Massive line of cars leaving the first meet. THETZR leading a group on the cruise. Black SS Commodore arriving at Docklands. Purple HSV Clubsport at Docklands. Commodore photoshoot at Docklands. View from behind: People starting on the Cruise to Geelong. Array of cars at the Docklands meet point. L67JET and TUFGT0 side shot. Silver Evo arrives at the first meet point. The Super Whippy soft serve and gelati van! Black SS Commodore arrives. Yellow VLT at Docklands Silver X5 at Docklands. Leaving Docklands: Starting the cruise. DVSWGN arriving at Docklands.

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