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ET Street Cruise - February

Over 200 photos from the Official ET Street Cruise in February.

You can also view the Gallery as Text Links.

Black VE SV6 with track stripes doing a burnout. TUFGT0 HSV GTO Coupe parked at Docklands Commodore in Geelong Grey Statesman in Geelong. Yellow HSV GTO Coupe photoshoot. TRIXTR airbagged purple Commodore at Docklands. Blue-silver Mercedes on show. Scania Fire Truck on the scene R32 Skyline doing a massive burnout White VL Commodore wagon at the ET Street meet. An array of boats in the water at Geelong. Dixie's Black Turbo Astra. Deep blue C3 Corvette at Geelong. Blue 1970 Corvette convertible at Docklands. Burnouts in Geelong Red HSV Clubsport with sunroof C3 Corvette next to the ocean. Orange Ford with big rims at Docklands BADNUF in a line-up leaving Docklands Silver Ford Falcon with stockies doing a burnout.

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