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All Holden Day - VLs

Here are some pictures from the All Holden Day at Flemington taken by Craig Henderson.

You can also view the Gallery as Text Links.

Walkinshaw VL Lineup VL SS Group A Lineup (Seven cars) VL Wagon with Walky Body kit (Front) VL Wagon with Walkinshaw Body kit (Rear) Blue over silver VL Turbo - NE355. Yellow over Silver VL Turbo - HYPOVL Blue VL Turbo clean engine bay. Stunning Blue VL Turbo VL TUrbo engine bay. White VL Turbo at the All Holden Day TUFVLT deep red Holden VL Turbo Burgundy VL Turbo with sunroof. Yellow VLT engine bay. Yellow VL Turbo: TOPCOP

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