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help! fake(?) VL TURBO BT1 dodgy VIN???

Forum » VL Discussion » help! fake(?) VL TURBO BT1 dodgy VIN???

help! fake(?) VL TURBO BT1 dodgy VIN???

27 Mar 12, 11:20pm
Posts: 3
Hey guy's I'm new to the forums but would really like some help/advice/assistance. Before you flame me, I've tried using the VL VIN decoder and it just keeps telling me the VIN is too short.

I've been wanting a VL turbo for years and long story short my car was written off so I've got the funds to buy one.
Found a REALLY clean white BT1 exec, turbo, auto, FE2, still has map pockets, cb radio handset etc and asking $6,500 (which im happy to pay for such a tidy looking example) its stock as a rock, still has factory exhaust. Anyway Im getting worried because like i said the VIN decoder keeps giving me bad news. I called Holden but apparently their archives were destroyed from '79 to 89' so thats no help.

As far as I can tell this is the VIN:
VIN: AVL055981M (really different from the sample ones on decoder??!)
Model: VL8VK19-BT1
27 Mar 12, 11:24pm
Posts: 3
(pressed enter by accident)
Trim: 3038-651
Built: Sept '88
Eng: LW5
Trans: M31

I should have photographed the other build plate but didnt think to.
Someone PLEASE help me identify if this is a genuine car or if you can put me on to someone who can it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance fellas,
28 Mar 12, 12:04am
Posts: 3
haha please ignore previous posts im a dumb c*nt, just found the VIn number :S
13 Jan 14, 4:36pm
Posts: 2
Hey mate was this car original ?
13 Jan 14, 4:43pm
Posts: 2
Hey DSPRINT ... Just want to know if this was a genuine bt1 ? Same Car might be for sale again ?

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