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hi flow t3,3inch exhaust hi flow 3 inch cat..
link ecu..
20 thou oversize pistons..
550cc injectors, billet fuel rail..
xf throttle body..
oil catch can..
ajustable blow off valve..
thermo fans.
intercooler 3inch piping..
15psi to 20 psi.(spiking 20psi)
280 horsepower on 15 psi..i only run 8 psi when cruisin!!

19 inch rims..
vl turbo diff..
standard vl manual gearbox. on its way out!
wood grain steering wheel..
boost gauges taco..
jvc cd player..
6*9 spekers.

lots more work to do to it yet!!!i bought the car 6 months ago for $1000 as a stock standard auto vl n have done the conversion myself..including rebuilding the engine..

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