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The Commodore

I only know the basics with cars, so I'm not sure of each thing in this car.

It's got all the stock parts, the following is all I know about it:

RB30E EFI Straight-6 Motor
4 Speed Automatic Transmission

Haha yep that's all I know about it. Anything else that anyone can tell me about this car, please do so.

I am also gettin it sprayed soon, leaning towards a midnight blue, but haven't decided yet, let us know what ya think for colour.

For everyone that thinks I should put a turbo into my VL...however much I would like to, I can't. In July in QLD, they are introducing new laws that say anyone on their P's under 25 cannot drive anything with a turbo or supercharger. =(

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The Commodore

Owner: Nathan Reus
Car Name: The Commodore

Year: 1986
Make: Holden
Model: Commodore
Body Type: Sedan
Series: VL
Specification: Other
Overall Rating:
Currently 3.2/5 Stars.
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