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my 88 vl berlina. leaving it N/A for now moving all the interior engine/running gear into another shell that i scored of my mate for 50 bucks(also an 88 berlina, origonal colour was blue but has been resprayed marone over silver looks mint as, in pre dam good condition. reco\\\'d 5speed comming soon,full re-aphulstery inside. just the usual N/A engine work, timing,2.5\\\\\\\" exhaust/extractors,pod filter,bigger fuel pump,lsd different ratios, head shaved a bit, all new cooling sytem water pump radiator hoses the hole lot. just resprayed the block.a few other lil things to get it going a bit smoother n ten its ready for paint the front end to be painted:)calais front end and tail lights, why not the front end was dinted anyway. some 16\\\" silver stockies n shes ready for skids. looking at turbo somewere down the line when i get off my p\\\'s

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Owner: Dylan
Car Name: FKN-RLX

Year: 1988
Make: Holden
Model: Other
Body Type: Sedan
Series: Other
Specification: Other
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