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Newly purchase 1987 VL Turbo Berlina Wagon with factory 5sp. The car is all original with no after market parts what so ever. It is in Immaculate condition and probably one of the straightest cars in original condition you will see. However it has been resprayed in Factory colours a couple of years back. Plans are to chase low 200rwkw nothing too wild while retaining as much of the original look of the car as possible. There will be no rims etc added

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Nah just got it they are to hard to find like this now. Not worth the hassle for the money.....just gonna build myself a nice clean sleeper.
thats cooool man. not selling???


Owner: 666WGN
Car Name: 666WGN

Year: 1987
Make: Holden
Model: Other
Body Type: Wagon
Series: Other
Specification: Other
Overall Rating:
Currently 0/5 Stars.
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