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Convertible VL + Updates

Convertible VL + Updates A new information page on the VL 2-Door SL Convertible is now available, click more information. This page is currently very slim, but hopefully over time, more information and photos will become available.

In addition to this, a new Car and Image Rating system is in place, so anyone's cars which appear on the site now now be rated! Along with this, a Comment system is also available for the cars, so leave your comments!

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Two New Videos

Two New Videos Hey everyone, we've just had our first video sent in by 17 year old Tom, with his 1987 Limited Edition VL. You can view the video here.

This was followed up by an 11psi Dose Video from Dixie! Thanks Tom and Dixie, for those videos!

If anyone else has any videos of their VL they'd like to send in, send them to:

read more Overhaul Overhaul has just recieved a full overhaul, and new upgrades are going to be coming very soon. Such features will include a new classifieds system, a new car/picture ranking system, a commenting system, and much more! So, be on the look out for the new features in the coming days and weeks!

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