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Torana VIN Calculator

Torana VIN Calculator We have just created a Torana VIN Calculator that will give you valuable information on your LH, LX, or UC Torana.

The Torana VIN Calculator is free to use, just like our Commodore one!

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New Server

New Server We have moved across to a brand new server! It should be running significantly faster than it was previously.

Keep an eye out on the news for more updates to the site =]!

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VLT: The Game

VLT: The Game We are working on a free downloadable drag racing game for single player, and online versus matches, where VLTs are customisable in both visual appearance and mechanical workings.

For more information on it, read up on the Online Drag Racer Game thread in the forum.

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Forums and Comments

Forums and Comments The Forums have received a bit of an update and a few new sections.

Also the commenting system on cars is now fully functional, so you can now leave comments, feedback, and questions on cars.

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VIN Decoder Update

VIN Decoder Update The VIN Decoder is now able to decode the VIN numbers from the VK series Commodore.

Keep an eye out on the news for more technical related tools and information. Also the forums are becoming more active, so jump across, ask some questions, give some answers, or just have a chat to the other users!

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