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70s Holden Ad

70s Holden Ad Just heading back in time a bit, I thought it'd be interesting for everyone to check out one of Holden's advertisements from the 70s.

We love football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden cars!

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Image Gallery Links

Image Gallery Links We've updated the Galleries slightly to include a page with all links to each individual image within a gallery.

If an image has a caption, the link will have the caption as it's text, otherwise it will show as 'Image #xxxx.'

We have completed captioning three of the five current galleries, one of which can be found here: ET Street Gallery Links

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Classifieds Just an update to let everyone know that although we have run into some problems and delays whilst making the Classifieds system that we are still hard at work on it!

We will let you all know when the system is in place and ready to go!

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VS VIN Decoder

VS VIN Decoder We've just made a VIN Decoder for the VS Commodore.

The VS VIN Decoder is free to use just like the rest of them!

We'll be attempting to create a full range of VIN Decoders for the Commodore range over time, so keep an eye out on the news!

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Holden VINs

Holden VINs We have completely restructured the VIN decoders on the site and separated each into their own page. We are also working on expanding the number of models we can decode VINs for, in this update you can now check the VIN on your VP Commodore. Keep an eye out on the news for more updates!

View our List of Holden VIN Decoders

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