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  • Re: chassis number Posted by Samson888
    VL Discussion 07 Dec 15, 6:46pm
    Can someone confirm chassis number : AVL056134A is a gen Calais turbo body? Thanks
  • Bought direct from Holden factory.
    My Dad (who worked at Holden since 1963) had bought these parts
    to modify the VL motor he put in his HJ Premier!
    Inlet Manifold complete with Fuel Rails, Injectors, etc.
    Other NEW (engine) parts available.
    PICK UP ONLY. Adelaide Metro
    On Gumtree if you would like to see pics.
  • Wanted: Owners manual to suit 87 vlt
    VL Discussion 27 Jun 15, 6:21pm
    Any one in need of Genuine NOS Calais Inner headlamp Panels???
    Have both left and right.
    P/n# 92026012
    P/n# 92026011
  • O-ringed blocks Posted by Rb30gt3582
    Forced Induction 15 May 15, 4:12am
    Hi guys,
    I'm in the process of removing the 2nd cracked head on my rb30et. Just wondering if anyone has had the same continuous issue with an o-ringed engine.. The first head lasted two years 15,000km, the second lasted about 200km.
    Also, I'm in a desperate search for an ACL monotorque head gasket BP550MT-T. Anyone got one in Vic?

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70s Holden Ad

70s Holden Ad Just heading back in time a bit, I thought it'd be interesting for everyone to check out one of Holden's advertisements from the 70s.

We love football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden cars!
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