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  • microtech lt16c wiring trouble Posted by 1VLT
    VL Discussion 02 Mar 19, 3:56am
    Has anybody fitted the lt16c with x6 ignitor box and hei coils. I think we wiring is wrong. Would like someone to confirm colours to to cylinders.
  • Hi I'm putting up my personalised plates
    Up for Offer,

    VLTRBO vic black and white brand new condition never been on a car.
    If you would like a photo sent email Me at and ile sent you a pic OR MAKE ME AN OFFER.
  • Sup peeps Posted by Blake_Calais_Wagon
    Member Introductions 19 Sep 18, 6:27am
    Hi all just bought my dream car vl turbo Calais wagon Rb30/Rb25det hybrid 5 speed manual 488hp at the rear wheels, this is my first foray into the high performance/turbo World so any tips, insider info n wat not from people who know what they are talking about would be great cause this shit can get daunting at times lol
  • Mamba gtx3076? Posted by Lukey91
    Forced Induction 04 Dec 17, 4:18pm
    Howdy all. New to the forum. though I've owned 5 vl's now I'm yet to turbo one..
    In the process of gathering and buying parts now. I have done a whole shitload of research but can't seem to find anyone who has run a gtx30 on an rb30? Seems everyone goes straight to the gt3580 sort of range. I want driveability at the end of the day and as much boost and torque as early as possible.. I don't care to much about peak hours or bragging about dyno figures..
    Cheers in advance y'all 😎

  • NOS VL TURBO parts Posted by SILVERSLEEK
    VL Discussion 24 Oct 17, 5:28am
    Have a heap of Genuine NOS VL Turbo Engine parts :
    Jecs Fuel Injectors, Head & Rocker Gaskets,Idle Air Speed Valves,
    Fuel Pump, Head valves + cam followers, Fuel Pressure Reg Valve,
    Calais Anti Theft Security Module & other VL related stuff.
    let me know if I can help anyone out.

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70s Holden Ad

70s Holden Ad Just heading back in time a bit, I thought it'd be interesting for everyone to check out one of Holden's advertisements from the 70s.

We love football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden cars!
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