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  • Manual Pedal Box Posted by John M.
    VL Discussion 28 Feb 15, 12:31pm
    Please advise any leads for Manual Pedal box for a reasonable price.

    Just post contact details.

    Thanks J. M .
  • It will be an 8, check on the car itself rather than the paperwork.

    Where a number resembles a better (eg. 8 and B, 1 and I) the number is used to save errors. Therefore yours will definitely be an 8 unless something dodgy is going on and someone has restamped a plate not knowing this.
  • Hi Guys i have a vk bt1 can anyone tell me why my vin number is different vin number BVK054674M and most of them start with 8vk so on ? help please !
  • numbers Posted by vhellturbo
    VL Discussion 07 Nov 14, 7:03pm
    Its probably been asked before but does anyone have an idea on production numbers for manual calais turbo??
  • hey hey Posted by vhellturbo
    Member Introductions 07 Nov 14, 6:55pm
    Also I think im pretty lucky as its a genuine 5speed calais turbo! Anybody know build numbers ive been tryin to find out but not much luck?

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70s Holden Ad

70s Holden Ad Just heading back in time a bit, I thought it'd be interesting for everyone to check out one of Holden's advertisements from the 70s.

We love football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden cars!
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